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The Zombie Shuffle

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

The 10th Annual Zombie Shuffle was held on Sunday Nov 8, 2015. The invasion began at the Treasury Gardens with Zombies posing for photgraphs, then they headed down Collins Street, left into Swanston Street, past Federation Square and finished up at Alexandra Gardens. The Zombie horde started to gather in the Treasury Gardens from 12.30pm and the shuffle began at 2pm.

The annual Zombie Shuffle is fast becoming a tourist attraction for locals and visitors to downtown Melbourne. Spectators are encouraged to join in the fun and photos are always welcome. It is a great event for photographers with interesting subject matter at every turn.

The Zombie Shuffle participants are dressed in their very best or worst zombie costumes and are from all works of life. They proceed to stagger, shuffle and drag themselves through the city streets scaring as many people as they can, accompanied by grunts, groans, howling and an occasional blood curdling scream. The zombies shuffle along the streets and laneways searching for that allusive brain food.

Not only is this special day becoming a tourist attraction but for some families it is fast becomming a tradition that will no doubt be handed down through the generations. The Zombies horde consisted of Zombies of all ages including Zombie families with young children.

If you havent been to a shuffle , you must add it to your bucket list and experience this strange but intriguing event. I will definitely be going again next year.

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