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Instagram Feature by melbourne_photoblog & loves_united_australia

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Thanks to @melbourne_photoblog and @loves_united_australia for featuring my "Eggy the Barn Owl" image.

It was taken at a Birds of Prey shoot in Garibaldi, thank you also to Leigh Valley Hawk and Owl Sanctuary who gave a group of photographers the opportunity to capture images of some amazing birds of prey.

Leigh Valley Hawk and Owl Sanctuary is a safe haven for birds of prey who have been injured or who have been reared by humans and become unwanted. They have given these beautiful birds a second chance at life and they are a champion and advocate for maintaining these beautiful creature's natural habitats.

Leigh Valley Hawk and Owl Sanctuary

Phone: 0427 279 868 (Talia) or 0427 414 623 (Martin)


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  • About Eggy: Eglantyne is her full name and she is Leigh Valley Hawk and Owl Sanctuary's youngest bird having been born in November 2015. Her breeder was a wildlife demonstrator and breeder in South Australia, who has since ceased breeding owls. Her name derives from Latin meaning ‘needle’, which is what her talons have become.

  • Barn Owls are a truly cosmopolitan species being found on almost every continent. Because of its wide distribution, the Barn Owl is one of the best known owls in the world. They are active hunters searching on the wing for their prey. When hunting, they often fly close to the ground making them vulnerable to motor vehicle impact in the vicinity of roads.

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