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  • Vicki Walsh

Flag Raising Ceremony Melbourne Day 2016

Today we celebrated Melbourne Day, on our 181st Birthday. The celebrations began with a Flag raising Ceremony at Enterprize Park on the banks of the Yarra River.

In 1835 the settlers came from Launceston in search of sheep-grazing land. Land had become expensive and there had long been stories told by whalers and sealers working in Bass Strait of fertile land to the north. This was the southern part of the colony of New South Wales, which the Colonial Government did not want settled at that time. After the Henty family crossed Bass Strait and settled at Portland in 1834 others quickly followed.

The north bank was chosen because a small waterfall, or rapids, stopped further progress up the river. The waterfall also separated the tidal movement, providing a vital supply of fresh water. The site had previously been noted by the colony of New South Wales' surveyor, Charles Grimes, in 1803. The north bank also offered more stable, suitable ground.

The people of the Kulin nation are the traditional owners of the land that became Melbourne — including the Boonwurrung, Woiwurrung, Taungurung and Djadjawurrung people, who gathered in this place for ceremonies and cultural activities.

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