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  • Vicki Walsh

Sunset at Anthony's Nose, McCrae

I headed to Anthony's Nose at McCrae to capture the sunset. It was a hot day in the summer holidays and the sky was bright blue and the clouds resemble fairy floss.

Anthony's Nose is a point located on the southern shore of Port Phillip Bay, between Dromana and McCrae, in Victoria, Australia.

Anthony's Nose was named by Charles La Trobe, because he thought that the landform had a strong resemblance to Anthony's Nose (Westchester) on the Hudson River, New York. It is the point where Arthur's Seat ends and the mountain falls steeply to the sea.

Over the years, the original point was cut back to a cliff face. In the early 1920s, Anthony's Nose was further cut back to build Point Nepean Road, today known in parts as Nepean Highway.

Today it is a popular fishing spot for locals and visitors.

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