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  • Vicki Walsh

Sunrise at Cape Schanck

Cape Schanck has stunning ocean views, wild unspoilt beaches and dramatic volcanic formations.

The boardwalk leading down to Pulpit Rock and the Devils Desk have been created over millions of years. The lookouts along the way have spectacular views to these geological formations and through to Bushranger Bay. The Cape Schanck Lighthouse looks over the wild spectacular landscape and has been a guiding light for ships since 1859.

This was my first sunrise at Cape Schanck, luckily there was a bit of light to help me see as I made my way down the boardwalk and climbed over the rocks in front of Pulpit Rock. On the way I stopped to take a shot of the lighthouse, whose light was still beaming out toward Bass Strait.

I was hoping for a bit more colour, so I will be heading back there again to try my luck. I just love the raw energy and sense of danger at this spot.

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