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Canon Light Awards Winner: Travel Photography

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

I am still on cloud nine after my image "Urban Racer" was named the winner of the Travel Photography section of the Canon Light Awards this afternoon.

It has been a busy weekend that started at 8am on Saturday with a Travel Photography Masterclass by Lonely Planet photographer Richard l'Ansons.

Then at 12 noon Richard gave us a brief for a 24 hour Photography challenge:

Add a dynamic human element to an urban scene to capture a unique and fleeting moment. The image must be captured 'documentary style' ie. not set up. It must be captured and presented in colour.

The weekend was not without it's challenges with poor lighting conditions but what I got out of the event is to take on the challenge, be patient, work through the problems and to not be so critical of myself.

Congratulations to the other winners! It was fantastic to see that the winning entries from the four categories were by women. That's girl power!

For further info about the awards checkout this link:

Screenshots from the Canon Website of my image

"Urban Racer":

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