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  • Vicki Walsh

Slam Dunk shoot with Helping Hoops

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

I was in sports mode on the weekend participating in the Canon Collective Slam Dunk event at Victoria University with Neale and some young men from the Helping Hoops Basketball Program. They all worked really hard for 2 hours to help us get some great action shots. In particular thank you Ramsay for working with me to get this one! I loved this shoot because I am a long time basketball tragic having played and coached the game for many years.

Helping Hoops is an independent charity running free basketball programs for over 1,000 underprivileged children. Over 450 sessions per year benefit children and young people of all abilities aged 7 to 21. As a charity, Helping Hoops is not solely focused on improving skills, but also uses basketball to instill values that benefit children in their lives outside of sport.

Children attending Helping Hoops programs have an intellectual disability or special needs, are from a migrant or refugee background, are living on inner-city high-rise public housing estates, or are socioeconomically disadvantaged.

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