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2018 ASTW Conference - Krabi Famil: Ko Klang Village, Thailand

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

One of the best things about Thailand is the people who are known for their smiles. Our ASTW group had the privilege of visiting the Ko Klang Village which has preserved the old ways of the Southern Thai Muslim culture. The village is just 5 minutes by long boat from Krabi town.

We were lucky to be guided by Boo who grew up on the island and whose family still lives there. Boo is pictured below with her young daughter below who was so excited to see her. While we were there we were taught by the lady in pink and her daughter how to make traditional roti pancakes. They have the flipping action down pat which is so important in the process but we all really struggled with it. Somehow they saved all our attempts and the pancakes were delicious.

As you can see we were made to feel so welcome in this community and everyone we saw on the island gave us such a big smile. It was such a content and happy community.

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