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Alowyn Gardens

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Today I visited Alowyn Gardens in the Yarra Valley which is famous for its Wisteria Archways in Spring and it's symmetrical gardens.

Alowyn Garden is designed along strong symmetrical lines that become blurred by the softness of the spaces and the grace of the trees, within an area of approximately 4 acres.

There are 5 clearly defined areas within the gardens, a perennial border, designed to display colour from Spring to Autumn, a silver birch forest, an edible garden of generous proportions, a parterre garden and a number of display gardens.

The formal parterre garden is built along 17th century design principles, leads you through to a series of smaller courtyards and display gardens. Through all these area runs a wisteria and rose covered archway 100m long with a sunken garden and a classical fountain as a centre piece.

On the way home I stopped to capture some Clydesdale horses grazing near Yarra Glen.

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