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An Iso Autumn 2020

With COVID 19 shutdowns impacting the world at this time we have all had to drastically change how we live our lives. For me and other photographers that means not getting out to shoot for over 6 weeks here in Australia. Normally in Autumn I would be out capturing some of Victoria's famous Autumn locations. \

I guess the good thing about this strange time we are living through, is that we are all learning to do things differently and opening our eyes to the world in a new way and in some cases forcing us to see the simple things that are right under our noses.

So today instead of getting in the car and driving for hours I made my way across the road to the Ivanhoe Town Hall and photographed the Autumn leaves on the trees in its garden.

I think these images capture Autumn perfectly and it doesn't matter where they were taken. I love how the light behind the leaves makes them translucent and highlights all the small detail in the leaves. There are so many different Autumn colours and shapes of leaves all on the one tree.

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