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Art on the Pier Exhibition - Rosebud

Updated: Jan 22

Rosebud Pier Art Exhibition “The Lighthouse” by Vicki Walsh

The lighthouse stands as a reminder of times gone by when it guided mariners through the eastern side of the channel for over 100 years.This image was captured on an autumn evening, with the warm glow of the golden hour lighting up the banksia trees and bunny tail grass in the foreground. The trees seperate to reveal the lighthouse with wispy white clouds swirling in the background. The Mornington Peninsula is Vicki’s second home and one of her favourite places to explore and capture.Vicki's inspiration is drawn from her strong family connection and childhood memories of the region. She revisits places and creates new memories through her landscape photography.

ArtOn The Pier, is very pleased to be able to feature work by this creative and highly talented photographer, and this image will no doubt attract considerable attention from Peninsula locals and visitors alike.The exhibition will commence on the first of February and run until May 30.


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