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Cloudehill Gardens in Autumn

Updated: May 14, 2021

Created on an easterly slope at the top of the Dandenongs, Cloudehill is at an altitude of 580 metres. The garden has deep volcanic loam soil and 1.25 metres of rainfall. This falls most of the year, though February, March and April are drier. There is little frost, more snow than frost in fact. These factors go to explain why the Dandenongs is one of the best places in the world garden. There is something interesting to see in every part of the garden and during Autumn it is bursting with fiery colour.

The Maple Court - the two Japanese Maple trees are of international significance. They were imported from the famous Yokohama Trading Nursery by Ted Woolrich in 1928 and planted on the outskirts of the garden, then moved to their present location in 1992. The garden is constructed around them. On the railings there are grape vines: Vitis cognetiae and the rare Teinturier grape, V. vinifera Purpurea.

The Water Garden - is flanked by hornbeam hedges. These are under-planted with American Oakleaf Hydrangeas and ornamental grasses. The bronze ‘nymph of the grot’ pours water into the temple pond. The main pond hosts a collection of grassy aquatics grown in pots and the porcelain fountain is by Ted Secombe.

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