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AccessAbility Day 2019

AccessAbility Days happen between 25-29th November each year in businesses across Australia. This year I captured the placements created by Uniting Employment Services. The Uniting job seekers participated at various Australia Post Despatch Centres, Melton City Council, Medibank, IBM and Essentially Keto.

AccessAbility Day is an Australian Government initiative that allows employers to connect with jobseekers with disability (participants), who are current and active Disability Employment Services (DES) participants looking for work, to see their potential in the workplace. Employers can explore the concept of employing a jobseeker with disability, while also providing an opportunity for participants to gain an insight into a particular job or type of work.

It's a voluntary, obligation free day for employers to have an opportunity to see the potential jobseekers with disability can bring to the workplace and learn about available Government support.

It is also a great opportunity for jobseekers with disability to experience a workplace or role that aligns with their career interests.

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