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Winter Moon Halo & Jupiter

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I missed Friday night’s Winter Halo so I was pretty happy to catch this one tonight with Jupiter the bright star on the left. Saturn is there two but it is smaller and the halo makes it hard to see it.

Winter Halos or Moon Rings are formed by the moonlight being refracted in millions of ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.

The first and second image were taken around 11pm and the 3rd image was earlier in the evening before the halo appeared. In the images with the halo there is not as much detail in the moon because of the reflections created by the ice crystals in the atmosphere between the moon and earth.

I didn't really know about this phenomenon until this past weekend but apparently they are more common than rainbows. I guess we all need to get out more at night to look for them.

The halo is a sign we are in for some cold weather and maybe even some snow on the alps. What a great incentive to Stay Home in isolation so we can stay warm and do the right thing.

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