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Yarrawonga and Lake Mulwala at Sunrise

Yarrawonga is a border town in the Shire of Moira in Victoria. The town is situated on the south bank of the Murray River, the border between Victoria and New South Wales and is located approximately 265 kilometres north-east of Melbourne.

Yarrawonga's major natural attraction is Lake Mulwala which was formed by the building of a weir across the Murray River in the 1930s. The resulting 23 kilometre long lake is a popular location for boating, fishing and swimming. A number of tourist operators offer cruises on the lake and river for visitors.

The River red gum trunks in Lake Mulwala were growing on the floodplain before Yarrawonga Weir was built impounding the Murray River to form Lake Mulwala. There is something eerie about the trunks as their branches reach up from the lake. It is at it's most beautiful at sunrise.

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